Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been told that I should put on weight, that I'm too thin. I weigh about 100lbs. I thought about that last week as I happened to be picking a few things up at the little grocery store in my neighbourhood.

One of my favourite deserts to eat are chocolate eclairs. I love them, I really do. I even had to have them during my last two pregnancies.

As I was walking around the little store, I ventured into the bakery department which it very good by the way and there in clear view were several boxes of chocolate eclairs. Not just one but six in a box for $3.99. How could I refuse such an offer? I couldn't and I didn't. I checked out and got to my car. Now the big mistake that I made was that I had only bought a few things so I found no real need to put the bags in the trunk,instead I put them right beside me on the seat on the passenger side.

Out of the blue I heard a voice within me saying "you should try one, you really should." Well I live about two minutes away, infact I could walk to the store or at least bike it, so I thought "you're right,if I ate one now, there's still enough for everyone after dinner".

Before I was out of the parking lot I had the first one in my hand. That first bite was heaven. The combination of that shu'pastry,chocolate and the custard,cream filling.....oooohhhh, aaahh! The filling oozing out the sides and on to my hands, I was glad to have been the only one on the road, so I carefully stuffed the last part in my mouth so I could have my hands free to drive. As I looked down at the box of eclairs, I did what any good GPS would do, I recalculated my math and saw that there were five left and there are only four of us. Well there might be an argument over who had that fifth one and I couldn't have that, so I decided to eat that one too.

Didn't take long to finish that one either. It was so good good, even better than the first one.

"Wow ! is it that time already?" I said seeing the yellow school lights flashing. I was going rather slow anyways so I could finish that second eclair. Thankfully the children hadn't come out of school but I thought well if I see my son, Colin I 'd have to give him a ride home and he would see the eclairs and would want to eat his now and not wait until dinner. He might wish he hadn't eaten his when he sees us eating ours, so I ate his, really really fast.

Three eclairs in that box and I knew I couldn't and wouldn't feel good about eating what was going to be mine after dinner, so I ate that one too.

As I drove by the school there were still no children out yet. I stopped at the fourway stop, turned left and headed on my way home.

Two eclaires left out of is that going to work when there are four of us? By the time I got home which is less than half a city block my cheeks resembled that of a chip monk. I parked my car in the driveway, got out of the car and placed the evidence in the trashcan which sits behind the house. I decided that this was a good time to do some tire inspection while I enjoyed the last of the eclairs bought less than five minutes earlier.

Nothing better than a chocolate eclair and watching my best friend Oprah.

I was still 100lbs at the end of the day. Sorry to all those who can't look at food without putting on a pound or two I do have a good reason and one which you wouldn't want...ever!


  1. Oh, hahahaha, holding my sides. Oh, I hurt. You truly are Mrs. Birds twin sister, so help me, you are. Hahahaha. You darling girl, that has to be some kind of record, six eclairs in, what? Two minutes?

  2. Eclairs may take a day or two to show up on the scale, Meg. So keep watching, but you may need a few more to help ... and if you need a private, quiet place to eat them before you get home...well, my house is on the way, and I won't breathe a word of your secret to anyone...

  3. Oh I absolutely loved this!! it was such a good story I forgive you for not gaining any weight after 6 eclairs.